1st day: Transfer from the airport to the hotel

Hotel : mid range

2nd day: Tanà – Andasibe
– Leave Tanà in the morning, the driver picks you up to the hotel.
– Make a stop at the private reptile park for 2 hours.
– Meet the local guide and talk about the visit of the national park Andasibe.

On the way to go to Andasibe you will enjoy the landscape
Hotel: mid range

3th day : Andasibe
– We will enjoy the beauty of the forest in the morning where you can see the Indri-Indri, grey bamboo lemurs, brown lemurs, woolly lemur (avahi), mouse lemur and greater dwarf lemur (they are nocturnal lemur). And continue the visit to the private park of Vakona where you can see four different spices of lemurs which can jump on your shoulder (black and white lemur, golden-coloured diadem sifaka , common brown lemur) . in the afternoon
Nocturnal visit is not in the forest but along the road
Hotel: mid range

4th day:Andasibe-Antsirabe
Leave Andasibe in the morning to go to Antsirabe but on the way, you will enjoy the landscape which is dominated by rice field with the traditional houses of the merina people and how the countryside man make money from the handcraft.
– Make a tour around the town of Antsirabe and will visit some factory and the famous lake Andraikiba and Tritriva.
Hotel: mid range

5th day:Antsirabe – Ambositra – Ranomafana
Drive from Antsirabe to Ambositra the capital of wood carving and sculpture, continue to Ranomafana National Park in afternoon and meet a local guide for the nocturnal visit.
Hotel: mid range

6th day : Ranomafana – Fianarantsoa
Visit of the national park in the morning where you can see birds, chameleon, and red fronted brown lemurs, bamboo lemurs, red-bellied lemurs, greater bamboo lemurs, golden bamboo lemurs, diademed sifaka, milne- Edward’s sifaka, and enjoy the hot spring after lunch .
And continue to Fianarantsoa
Hotel: mid range

7th day:Fianarantsoa-Ambalavao-Isalo
Fianarantsoa is the capital of betsileo tribe where you can enjoy the nice view of the town from the top. Visit of the oldest church in the town and then go to Ambalavao where there is the wine factory. Before leaving Ambalavao, we will make a visit of this old village and the Antemoro’s paper factory , silk weaver and then the 2nd biggest zebu market in Madagascar (on Wednesday only). After 13 km from Ambalavao on the way to go to Ranohira, you will visit the local reserve of Anja where you can find the ringtailed lemurs in a dry forest and continue to Isalo.
Hotel: mid range

8th day : Isalo
You start your visit at the Isalo national park in the morning . You combine two different sites to visit the park , the natural swimming pool and the cascade ( namaza) where are allowed to spot and appreciate the spectacular view of Isalo and you can see also its wildlife at the canyon(sifaka, brown lemur, ring-tailed) . You are allowed to swim at the cascade
Hotel: mid range

9th day :Isalo –Ambositra
Driving from Isalo to Ambositra the capital of wood carving and sculpture. Take pictures on the way
Hotel: High mid range

10th day: Ambositra – Tana
Meet the country side people to learn their daily life and their culture on the way back to Tana
Hotel: luxury and mid range

11th day:Tana – Ankarafantsika
Leave Tanà in the morning and enjoy the landscape on the way meeting the local people along the national road and have picnic lunch. Talk with the local guide for the visit of the park.
Hotel Ankarafantsika: They switch electricity on 7 p.m and switch off at 10 p.m

12th day:Ankarafantsika
Full day visit of tha park where you can see the lemurs (coquerel’s sifaka, golden-brown mouse lemur, microcebus, sportive lemur, mongoose lemur, western woolly lemur) and birds, reptiles, crocodiles and longest baobab in Madagascar. Night walk.
Hotel Ankarafantsika: They switch electricity on 7 p.m and switch off at 10 p.m

13thday:Ankarafantsika – Antsohihy – Ambanja

After morning visit we will Leave Ankarafantsika and drive up to the north and have picnic lunch or Malagasy restaurant,Enjoy the different landscape. We might see the blue eyed black lemur at the mango forest on the way and continue to Ambanja where there is the capital of cacao plantation and then drive to Ankarana
Hotel : mid range

14th day : Ambanja – Ambilobe – Ankarana

Leaving Ambanja in the morning and drive to Ankarana. Visit at the national park where you are allowed to face the wildlife and see the Tsingy ( limb stone)
Holel: mid range

15th day :Ankarana – Diego

Drive to Diego and make a tour in the town

Hotel: mid range

16 th day: Diego – Montagne d’ambre – Diégo

This tour takes one day full, “Montagne d’Ambre” park is sacred place for the people because they drink the spring from the green forest where threre is the home of the lemurs, birds and reptiles .
Hotel: mid range

17th day: Diégo –Ramena –Diégo

Seeing different type of baobab next to the French mountain and take a sailing boat to the emeraude sea for picnic ( sea food) , diving . In the afternoon , Continue for visiting the 3 baies (Baie de Sakalava, Baie de Dune, Baie de pigeon) with 4×4 only .
Hotel mid range

18th day :Diégo – Ankify- Nosy Be

We will drive back to Ambanja and take speed boat to Ankify and go to Nosy Be for relaxing and beach.

Hotel : mid range

19th 20th day : Nosy Be

Relaxe and beach

Hotel : luxury or mid range

21st day :Nosy Be – Tana

Fly back to Tana , transfert to the Hotel

Hotel mid range

22nd day : Tana
Tour around Tana ( Queen’s palace , nice view of the town, King’s palace , shopping)

Here is the price with the tour condition for 2 persons : 2700 Euros for 2 persons

Included :

Car and petrol during the trip
Driver guide and his needs ( it’s me)
Your hotel and breakfast for 21 nights in mid range except in Ankarana
All national park fees and the local guides
All reserves fess and local guides
Excursion to emerald sea by sailing boat and your picnic lunch
Your private speed boat transfer to Nosy be
4WD to go to Montaigne d’ ambre and to the 3 baies

Your food and drinks
Your ticket flight
Your own activities
All the things do not mention in the included